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Anna Korczak

Social Media Specialist
My name is Anna and I’m a certified social media manager and online influencer. When social media became a huge part of my life a few years ago, I started to specialize in online marketing, especially in content and influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media are the 'fifth power' of the modern world and I truly believe it is essential for entrepreneurs and companies to both emphasize and carefully plan their presence on social platforms. Whether you are a complete rookie in this field or want to be given another perspective - I am here to help.​​

Marta Miklińska

My name is Marta and I shoot portraits and fashion, although you might see some other works in my portfolio. Over the years, I have discovered that the greatest joy for me, as a photographer, is to work with natural light. I do step into the studio sometimes, but it is most likely that you will find me either running around outside with my camera or working inside bright spaces. I enjoy collaborating with clothing companies and creative brands just as much as I appreciate the contact with individuals. Take a look around Lekkå Studio works - I would be honored to tell your story through my lens.​

Justyna Dura

I’m Justyna and I work as a destination event and wedding photographer. The truth is, I never know where the next journey will take me, and this is one of the best things about my job. I grew up in a family of photographers and it turned out that I fell in love with taking pictures too. My focus is to capture the wide range of human emotions; I believe that a photograph that shows them is so much more powerful and this is what I always strive for while shooting.